Ice Cream Cone

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Materials Needed - PSP 8 - get it here - would also work in ver. 7

Note: whenever I say to add a layer, add a raster layer.

1. Open a new image, 400 x 400. Flood fill with a colour if desired.

2.Take your preset shapes tool , antialias and create as vector checked, retain style unchecked, have your foreground null and background #E9B599.Draw a triangle on your canvas. Image--->Flip. Make sure when drawing the triangle that you have left enough room for the ice cream.
Left click on the cone and move it down to the bottom of the canvas.

3. Click on your pen tool to select it. Right click on the node at the bottom tip of the triangle, and select Node type --->Symmetric

Left click and hold down on the arrow, dragging it toward the left.

Let go of the mouse when you have it where you want, for a nice rounded tip.

4. With your magic wand, select the cone. Effects--->Texture Effects--->Weave. Use the following settings:
Gap Size 1
Width 1
Opacity 100
Weave Color #FFF0D0
Gap Color #E9B599

Selections--->Load/Save Selection--->Save Selection To Alpha Channel. Name it "cone".

5. Add a new layer and name it "cone shading". Effects--->3D Effects--->Cutout. Use the following settings:

Vertical and horizontal 3
Opacity 50
Blur 48
Shadow Color #BA7550
Fill interior with color UNchecked

Repeat the cutout, changing the vertical and horizontal to -3

6. Add a new layer and name it "ice cream 1". Select your Freehand Selection Tool (image) and use the following settings:

Selection Type - Freehand
Mode - Replace
Feather - 0
Smoothing - 40 - you may prefer another setting. What this does is make the edges smoother
Antialias - checked

With your foreground null and background #F8B2C1, draw the scoop of ice cream on top of the cone.

7. Click on your foreground colour swatch.

Change your foreground to #FFEBEF and a texture of your choice. I used the marble02 texture. Make sure you have ticked the block beside "Texture". To see an image of the palette, click here Flood fill the ice cream selection. Selections--->Load/Save Selection--->Save Selection to Alpha Channel. Give it a name such as "Ice cream scoop 1". Deselect.

8. Now, we want to get rid of the "jaggies" around the edge of the ice cream. Take your soften tool (in the pull-out menu on the Dodge tool ) and set it to circle shape, size 10, Hardness 0, Step 25, Density 100, Thickness 100, Rotation 0, Opacity 25 and run it along the edges. You may have to go over it more than once. Please note: the jaggies show up more on this black background, I use black because it makes it easier to see the cone in my screenshots, which are reduced in size for quicker loading time.

9. Load the selection you saved to alpha channel. Add a new layer and name it "scoop 1 shadow". Effects--->3D Effects---> Drop Shadow. Use these settings:

Vertical 2
Horizontal 0
Opacity 50
Blur 25
Color Black
Shadow on new layer unchecked


10. Selections--->Load/Save Selection--->Load Selection From Alpha Channel and load the cone selection. Selections--->Invert. Hit your Delete key or Edit--->Clear. This gets rid of the shadow around the top and sides of the ice cream scoop.

10. Add a new layer and name it scoop 1 shading. Selections--->Load/Save Selection--->Load Selection from disk and load the Ice cream scoop 1 selection you saved in step #7. Add a new layer and name it "shading 1". Apply the cutout with the same settings as in step #5, but change the shadow colour to #D7516D. Repeat the cutout, changing the vertical and horizontal to -3.

11. If you want a second scoop of ice cream, add a new layer and name it "ice cream scoop 2". Repeat steps 6 thru 10, except after you do the drop shadow, you load the selection from the first scoop (instead of the cone selection) and invert and then delete.


Here is a chocolate chip cone - I used shades of white and painted in black flecks for the chocolate chips:

Play around with different colours and textures if you like. Enjoy!

Tutorial and images ©Margaret M. aka MsRosie of Rosie's Graphics. Please see my terms of use.


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